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      broken down by him but yet, i still need him


there's this guy. and we've dated about 3 times. hes so perfect and so sweet. i can't seem to stop thinking about him. every time we start to talk we end up going back out. i try to avoid talking to him but i can't seem to stop. hes to perfect to not. so. the first time we dated, it was for 2 weeks. and in that period of time, i found that he cheated on me with an ex. i can't stand this girl to this day. so. we dated for what i think was exactly 2 weeks and 3 days. then he dumped me for her. and well. yea. so then they broke up after about 2 days. funny. i know. it sure made me laugh. well then. he dated my best friend to get me jealous. she didn't know i still liked him so she said yes. well. she found out i still liked him so she dumped him after 5 days. after that. i started talking to him at basketball game. he ended up asking me out 2 days later. i had to say yes. i loved him. well. we dated 1 week and 5 days this time. and then he dumped me for this girl that called him her cousin. i know. pretty gross. but still. they dated for about 1month then he dumped her for me. well i said no because i was in a relationship with this guy that was his best friend. which was a good relationship i mean but. not my best. well. he started going out with this younger girl. which that made me mad. but i pretended not to care. but really, i cared a lot. i mean. like A LOT! well then. me and his friend broke up and he started talking to me behind his gf's back. well. i saw what he did to her and i told him that this is why i stopped saying yes to you. because i wouldn't trust you. well of course. hes so perfect. so he knew just what to say. he said. baby, i love you to much to do this to you. so. i couldn't help but trust him. and if you saw him. well that helps a lot to. hes GORGEOUS! i mean absolutely GORGEOUS! well. so we're talking again. which is good and bad because i can't seem to get over him. but i know i'm making a mistake. well. the other night. i asked him since he really really liked and he's single, why he hadn't asked me out yet. well. he said wait till wednesday, i'm asking you to go somewhere with me this weekend and i need to make sure it's ok. so i mean. i want to do this soooo bad. but i know that my heart will just get broken. but i love him with all my heart. and i know that i will stay in love with him. it's to hard to forget the love i have for him and to forget how much he means to me. well thats my heartache story.


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