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      my happy ending


I've been dating with him 1 year 8 months..before with him, I've dated 3 guys..

first,is an old friend of mine..we known each others since we were kids..this guy is the most cool but some times can be the most romantic among all.but he is the guy who broke my heart badly. i don't know what I've did to him...he dated my best friend while he was with me..well..they very matched for each others....

but he need to go to England to further his studies.he ask me to wait matter what he truly love me from his heart.OK OK..I've waited..but....he did not keep his promise...he dated with another girl while he at England...i really don't know what he actually want from me..anyway..we officially broke up when i started my college life.we made a deal..not to see each other anymore...not to contact each other anymore...hope he enjoy his new life there..and happy always..


second,this is a very kind-hearted guy.i don't let him to hold my hand..kiss me...he really respects me...i always scolded him..he still will smile at me.he treated me so gentlemen..we broke up because i really cheated on him..i do not love him at is all because he treated me damn nice till its was hard to broke his the time when i was with heart still thinking of my first ex...anyway..he is now engaged with a Korean lady..hey are so happy together...and i here to wish him happily ever after...


third..because I'm lonely i i dated him after get to know him 2 weeks later..he is a nice guy to be with..but me and him can't communicate well...we are not match at i left him after 3 months...sorry babe....he is now with a girl..hope this girl is his true love....


now with a cute crazy little dear...we've been together for 1 year and 8 months..i love him more than i ever expect...i really didn't realize that we have been together for this long and still maintain a very good relationship...i have gave lots lots things on matter what..what i did is cause of him...i knew that we will have a good future..i knew that he is the person i would marry is..but sometimes love is not enough..i always this world, a couple may argue over the financial problem...he had no money...he need to save lot of lot of money to marry with me and for some other expenses..i wouldn't mind to wait...but i hope it is not just a waste...i love him and i knew he love me too...sometimes i blame myself badly..cause i always alck of confidence on our relationship especially we argue..he doesn't like me to go out so often with my friends..i do not know why ?..anyway its not important..

i still remember the time we went to beach..all the while i do not know swimming..and i scare of he keep on hug n ensure that i'm alright in the is the warmest moment that i love and hope the time will just stop at that moment..and now he was trying to teach me to swim...thank god..i hope i can...

he is my best travel patner..i love going vacation with him..i have a dream..i hope to kiss him while watching the sun rise...


dear i love you


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