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      To a boy


We were young, we were best friends. My friend and I had been the best of friends every since I can remember. We told each other everything. We spent hours sitting in the old tree house or sitting in the front yard talking while we pulled up pieces of grass.

One day it became apparent to us that we should be together. It was perfect. All those little things you wish a guy would do he would. He would kiss me on the forehead as he held me in his arms, he would come up and hug me from behind while I was standing with my friends, he never felt awkward if I came up while he was talking with his friends,h e would hold my hand and play with my fingers under the table, he would tell me he loved me but never over used those words, I was madly and deeply in love with him. He was my first boyfriend my first kiss my first love. When I was around him I felt happy and I would get a strange tingling sensation in my fingers that always made me feel just content.

Then he moved.

I was crushed. I felt as though I couldn't breathe as if I couldn't move or talk or eat. I was lost without him. I am lost without him.. although he is still my best friend he lives 14 hours away and we have both accepted at this point it is too painful to be anything more, but to you boy I will always love you.


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