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      Spring Break


Me and Ryan, we met our freshman year of high school. Early September, at the movies he was the cousin of a friend of mine. That night he i/med me, we quickly began talking, this kid was amazing. I developed a crush, but little did i know what this would turn into. The next week at school, there he was. Eventually after just a week he had asked me out on a date. I accepted of course and he took me to a cute restaurant, then to the movies. Two dates later we were going steady. I had already developed very strong feelings for him. After two months (November) however we ended it. I ended it, to be exact. I'm not sure why actually, but we stopped talking completely.

Two months went by until we ran into each other at the mall in mid January. My feelings had not faded for him and apparently neither had his. A week later we were back together, and i was happy again. this lasted for about three months. In April, i had found out he had been cheating on me with some girl he met the same night we ran into each other. So again, i left him.

In July, he was at an Independence Day party that i was also at. We hooked up and eventually started dating in August. Our on and off relationship lasted throughout high school. Senior year, May 28th we split. We would be headed off to separate parts of the country and beginning college. We figured the best thing would be to end our relationship now, and have the summer to ourselves. We didn't speak nearly all summer, we had a few run ins and awkward hellos. That was it.

In September i was off to college. I still thought about him a lot, but never really acted on it. I figured it was just because he was basically the past four years of my life, and that I'd eventually get over it. Two years pasted, i was now in my third year of college and i was doing great, i had a few boyfriends here and there but nothing too serious.

That year, me and my roommate, Annabelle, went to Cancun for spring break. We were down at the beach, when i heard saw a familiar face soaking up the sun. I knew who it was, it was Ryan, my high school sweetheart. I wasn't aware that he had noticed me, but i shrugged it off.

About a week after we had gotten back from Cancun, there was a knock on our apartment door. Annabelle told me it was for me so i hurried to the door. It was him, Ryan, standing in my doorway with a smug look on his face. I went to speak but he got down on one knee and proposed. I was astonished, shocked, baffled. There's really no word for how i felt. I declined his offer, not knowing what to think. I would've been crazy to say yes, right? Wrong, three months later we were engaged and five months later, married.

We now have two beautiful children, Elizabeth Marie Peyton Smith and Jacob Arthur Smith. This is the kind of story i couldn't have ever imagined up. I'm so happy that i had agreed to go to Cancun with Annabelle, because who knows what would've or wouldn't have happened if i didn't.


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