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      Unconditional Love....????


We were high school sweet hearts. He was my first every thing. My first kiss, boyfriend, first first, simply everything. I really thought he was the one. I was also his first love and our worlds were each other. We had the same values and shared the same dreams. We were together from 9th grade to 12th grade when we broke up. Almost immediately he hooked up with one of my best friends and two years after that they got married because she had a baby. They are now married with two kids. WE run into each other every now and then and i always notice how he looks at me. For me i never had any closure. I didn't know why we broke up or if he thought about me as much as i thought about him. Well its been 7 years since our break up and just a couple days ago. We finally talked for the first time about what happened. He did not know why we broke up and he said that he wanted so bad to ask for me back but was scared of rejection. After so long i realized that i was not the only one feeling like this. He was too. He did not have closure and all the memories that i felt he also felt. He sometimes wonder and wish things were different but then our lives would be different. I have a son that i would never give up. But deep down i have never ever loved anyone the way i love him. And after all of this time he says "yes he still has feelings for me. he reads my horoscope and hopes im well. He thinks about me on our anniversary date. He thinks about the littlest memories. But because he is married we can never be. I respect that so much but i have not been able to find anyone like him and i have never gave myself to anyone the way i did him...i can honestly say i love him and i dont know what to do because its really killing me inside...i just wonder if we will ever reunite because if we did i know for a fact that our passion will be so strong. my heart broke over 7 years ago and time has not healed my pain. I wonder if he is the only one that will be able to put together these broken pieces of my heart. I really gave him my all and he is keeping that with him....After seven years shouldn't i feel better?


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