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      A broken heart that still loves its destroyer


I know a boy who makes me feel so special inside and I've fallen totally head over heels in love with him. I've loved him for more or less a year starting last Summer in our school production. My mate introduced us and I found him so funny and lovely and kind, I couldn't stop myself. My mate also fell for him, it was awful.

Then, later in the year weall went on holiday to Cromer together. It was a school thing. He ended up holding hands with my mate that fancied him, then he became quite friendly with my other mate who he went out with. I felt totally left out, like the little tag along that's left behind.

I finally found out that he fancied me. I felt so happy!!!! We went out for several weeks and I felt we were both rather happy, but this story does not end happily. It ended, as i knew it would. I was at my Grandma's over Christmas and on Cristmas day, around 9-ish, he dumped me by text because his mates had found out he was dating me.

Although he did this to me I still totally love him, and I always will. If only he knew. He is now going out with his best friend who is also one of my mates. I can't tell him, he'd freak out and never speak to me again.


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