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      I'm trapped...


I'm torn between two men who are equally important in my life. 'N' is blessed with a great body and heart-melting eyes. 'H' is blessed with exotic hazel eyes and good looks. They both excel in terms of personality and character.

So one day, 'N' confessed his love towards me. I accepted him so as to fill the emptiness in my heart. As time passed, my feeling towards 'N' grew deeper. I soon fall in love with him deeply.

Our 1 year anniversary was around the corner. 'H' walked into my life with full of hopes. We flirted with each other. I regretted this action because 'H' began to fall in love with me. And i reciprocated to his feelings. I love him too.

I'm trapped.

I'm head over heels in love with these two guys. I don't want to let go of either one.

Whatever decision i am about to make would hurt either one of them deeply. I'm drown in a pool full of uncertainties.


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