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      I can't get her out of my head even though she still loves another


   Ok so i went on a youth retreat  with some people from my youth group and before i left one of my friends told me to watch out for this girl Annie to make sure Annie and her ex hook up. So i'm like ok I get there and im meeting all these new people and i finally meet this girl Annie. I figure out that she doesn't even like him like that. So i had nothing to worry about that weekend but i started to talk to annie and we came to figure out that we both are alike we both play softball and we both are catchers and we both have blonde hair and blue eyes the only differences were she is a year younger than me and where we live.

    So me and Annie are hanging out most of the weekend and we are getting closer we ended up staying in the same room. So on all of our free time over the weekend we basically spent it together. We got to talking and we are like almost exactly alike and i was like woah im likeing this girl alot. She goes and spills her guts out to one of her friends who just so happend to be one of my friends. So i find out that this girl has a lot of feelings for me.

     So the second night that we were there we had to spend like 2 hours in a chapel so i sat in the back row she sat next to me and we had to sit on the floor for like the longest time and we were like falling asleep so i like leaned against a wall and  the next thing i knew is that her head was laying on my chest and i felt like i was in heaven. I got butterflies in my stomach everytime she came near me i felt perfectly fine even when she sat on my lap. So we finally are getting really close at the end of the retreat we were like holding hands and saying that we really like each other alot. Then the next thing i knew was it was closing mass and then the weekend was over and i had to go back home and so did she. But first  before she had to go to a meeting and before i left i gave her a hug and she said"i will never forget your hugs and i will be expecting another one and something else very soon the next time we see each other" i was like ok and i lo..then i got cut off and she got pulled away from me. For the longest time we talked to each other everyday after school and then i find out that she has a gf and it kills me inside because she said that she loved me and after that i couldn't eat or sleep  i lost like 10 lbs b/c i cried my self to sleep everynight because i found out that i couldn't be with her. I am still trying to get over her but i think i might have another chance with her because i am getting to see her and im going to sleep over her house because we are going to see a musical together.


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