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      i still love him so much...


i am 15 when i first saw this guy he was my schoolmate.. from the start, i knew there is something about him that made me feel special. though he never told me about it.. that time, i have a boyfriend and he didn't know it.. he ask my number from one of my classmates.. he texted me, and that was the beginning of our friendship..

there was a time when i broke up with my first boyfriend.. i was so much in pain that time when i realized that there is someone ready to listen and that's him.. he courted me, and i didn't answer coz i still love my we remain friends.. and even became best friends.. day by day i realized that i love him not just a friend but as a special someone..last August 2006, he again courted me.. and because i already in love with him he became my 2nd boyfriend..

our relationship really work out fine.. he needs me as much as i need him.. we even promised to love forever.. he told me that whatever happened, nothing will change.. we will always love each other even both our parents are against our relationship..

one day without even expecting to happen, he told me that he need to broke up with me.. i ask him why, but he didn't answer.. i love him.. and i always will.. i could still remember those promises we made..the promise he made.. and it pains me! we did not even talk after that..

i cant move on..i always cry and even have sleepless nights... if he only know, how i love him so that i am willing to accept him. despite the pain i went through..


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