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      One can never forget the first crush


The title of this story might sound silly to some readers, but it's true what they say "no one can ever forget their first crush or the first person they set eyes on, someone they thought about non stop..."

At the moment I'm 18 and have the wonderful life and have the greatest friends. Just yesterday I received a phone call from my uncle from my home town and he told me that this guy that I used to ADORE 8 years ago just died in a motorcycle accident.

To be honest with you, my heart just fell and at that moment I wanted to cry. Some people might say how can that be? Well I guess I never forgot about him even though we were miles and miles away. He was the sweetest guy that I had ever met in my life. At that time I was 10 and he was 13. We would talk and see each other everyday and he was so polite and genorous to me. Even though I was very young at that time, I could truly feel that I really liked him, but I never got the courage to tell him how I felt.

I knew that he somewhat knew how I felt and I know he felt the same way about me but then again, we were YOUNG.

I still can't believe he just passed away.... he was too young to die and I actually miss him.... Believe it or not I'd sometimes think about him time to time and wondered how he was doing because he was a good friend of my youngest uncle, therefore my whole family knew him. I was even planning to go see him and talk to him the next summer I'd go back to my home town.

The strangest thing is that the night before I had a dream that I was in a prison and I was crying because they were taking this guy away from me, but I couldn't see his face....When I woke up I could still feel the tears on my cheeks....I kept wondering who that guy was....I guess I know now .....


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