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      Forever Love


The first time we met it was amazing....the day after Valentines day! How we met was even more amazing! but that's a whole other story!! It was awkward between us for so long but we grew to love each other in so many were and still to this day are my best friend...our love has been so hard and will only get harder!.....When I met him 6 years ago...I knew he was the one and I would spend my life with the age of 13....age is just a me anyways! People have tried since the day we met to tear us apart....but I knew that one day that you just held me and didn't let go...I knew it was for real!   "I love you"....that's what you told me and I didn't know what to say or I left you standing there with open arms...I'm sorry for that!  You see it has been so hard for us because of the age difference and the position that he is in [religious stuff] but bare with me....he stayed faithful for me and still is to this has been 6 long years...I turn 19 in 2 months and my love for him is stronger than ever....and baby that will never change...we wll still go on and it will still be hard but as long as we have each other we will live on forever....I doubt that you will ever read this but I wanted the world to finally know that my love for you is forever and forever is a long time....every time I look into your eyes or even get near you to touch you i know that you are the one and we will be together soon! we will Love one can get in our way!  I need some advice on how to not involved everyone into our relationship!!!!!! if anyone wants to know more in detail just ask and i will let you know!!!!!!


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