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      The Perfect Boyfriend.


Well Me and My Boyfriend have been dating over 6 months now and it the best ever. We have a lot of up and downs but hey what couple doesn't. Well me and my boyfriend had trouble last month when mine and his 6 month anniversary came up. He had called me and was talking to me. It was about half an hour into the conversation and he had not said i love you yet. So i was getting a little nervous. I said i love you and i assumed he would say i love you too but he did not. I thought at first maybe he did not hear me. So i asked him. Do you still love me? he replied i don't know. I hung up the phone as fast as i can with the feeling of shock. He called me back, and i picked up and i said why don't you love me, he said its complicated. So we were on the phone for ten minutes in dead silence. I said randomly if you do not want to go out with me then just break up with me right here right now. He didn't answer me.So.. i hung up once again. He called back and i asked him do you want to break up with me, he replied i don't know and i said you like Katie don't you, He was quiet. I said OK  you do. He said he doesn't understand why we lasted this long without hanging out. I said stop using excuses you like her and you know basically everyone knows it. So i said break up with me if you don't want me and he said i cant i asked why and he said he loved me. Just a half an hour ago he wasn't sure. So i decided i was going to break up with him and i did.I cried throughout the whole night ripping pages and pages and papers of everything that had his name or a picture or just anything that had to do with him. My room was filled with ripped papers. While i laying down i thought OK i let him go maybe if he really loves me he will come back to me. So the next day at school he came and i  told almost everyone he and i had broken up. He went to talk to me and everyone who i told said get away she don't want to talk to you. So he called me over and he said he loved me and he made the wrong decision about who he wanted. So i forgave and we got back together. We haven't broken up for 24 hours and we mostly him realized we couldn't go on with out one another, Now our 7 month anniversary is coming up and i am exited. I hear a couple of thing about him flirting with that girl but i really don't care anymore cause i have him and she doesn't. SO it tough for her. Only thing i can say is that i hope me and him stay together forever cause i really am in love


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