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      First; True??


Over the summer, me and my big brother's best friend started going out.

I guess we got kind of close because he saw me everyday for three months straight since it was summer break. Anyway, eventually he told me he loved me and I said it back. I really meant it too, and I thought that he really loved me. Turns out, he just said it to get what he wanted. When I found out that  he was cheating on me, I dumped him. I told him not to call me back until he was more of a man to admit what he'd done. The very next day, he called me back and apologized. We started going out again and I believed him this time.

About a week later, we broke up again because all he did was yell at me. Finally four months later, I stopped crying over him. Just my luck, he starts calling to talk to me again. He said that he had a girlfriend but they weren't going so well. He told me the next day that he dumped her, so we started going out again because I thought he'd changed. He cheated on her and I found out so I called her and told her. I asked if they were still dating, and of course she said yes. We three-wayed him on the phone to b**** him out, and there was the end.

Now Two months later, we started talking again and the thing he left out was a big shocker... he has a girlfriend. The sad thing is, that I turn to him everytime when I shouldn't, and this time his friend told me about his girlfriend. Lucky for his friend, he seemed nice, so we've been talking for a while now. I think he likes me, but I'm not sure. He gets his license in three months  and we plan to go to the movies or something. Thanks to his friend, I am almost completly over him.`The only real hard thing to deal with, is that him and this guy I am talking to are really close friends. Oh well, at least this guy is man enough to admit if he does something, and I appreciate that. 

I think my 'ex' was my first true love, and even though he broke my heart, he will always have a place in my heart. Hopefully I will never forget him, even though  I've moved on. He was my first, true love and I will never forget that. Thanks to his friend, my heart is healed and he might be my next love. :)  -- Lovey 


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