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      Married guy


When I was 14 I met this married guy. I knew he was married so I didnít mess around with him so I decided to keep the relationship as friends. So we would talk on and off, one day I called him at work and asked him "what you doing" and he said "man stop calling me don't you see Iím at work" so I said "ooh ok" so we hung up.

No more than 4 months passed and he called and hung up I knew it was him cause heís the only one that could call me from that company at that time 12:00am (ooh and my mom worked there to) so I called back and told him u called and so we talked. So sometimes we would go to the park after he came out of work in the morning when I would drop off my mom, but it would end up right; "see u later". so days passed and I felt lonely I didnít have a boyfriend for months so I called him one night and invited him over to the house instead of the typical go to the park thing so he came over and we were in my room nobody was home everybody was at work so we were there alone. all of a sudden he started sweet talking me so I felt for it cause of my loneliness but before anything I made him swear to god on his baby he would not leave me and that he would come back tomorrow so he did. and so we made love. it was great nobody like him made me feel so good before, we did it all he was as wild and crazy like me he woke up feelings I had never felt before and taught me things since he was 8 years older than me it was great he would come every month or 2 times a month to see me we would go straight at it as soon as we got to that room so it lasted 2 years till I reached 16. I started wanting him more and I started thinking about his wife, was she prettier than me, does he do her like he does me u know but I would never tell him about this. I didnít want to get him away from me either at this time I loved him. I don't know if he knows this cause I didnít want to tell him I thought that if I told him he would get scared and not talk to me. So every time he would come I would just talk to him about my job, things like that but would never ask him about his wife. So this went on.

So not to long ago I got his name tattoed on me on my lower back. I did it for three reasons simply because I love him, I wanted for him to know Iím all his and to see his name on me while he would do me, and so that he would feel good about it. I did not want him to see it because I had a feeling that he would change with me but I knew he would see it n-e way so the day that I was going to tell him we were sharing a good conversation everything was as usual then I told him I had something to tell him. I told him to promise not to stop talking to me and that things would not change between us so he promised so instead of telling him I showed him a video in my phone which had a recording of me screaming and taking the pain. he saw it and he told me "ooh is a tattoo let me see it" so I did and he reacted I guess surprised and asked me why I did I do that I told him that cause I liked him a lot he reminded me that my mom could see it because I wear clothes that shows a little skin perfect enough to see the tattoo and he would get in trouble with my mom (by the way my mom knows him) I promised him I would not show it to my mom and that I would try not to let her see it. Until then I have kept my promise. right the next day my mom told me that he was talking to some girl in the company so I had curiosity so I went over to see her my mom knew her so she introduced us and come to think about it she was really pretty I felt bad but that's what I get for being with someone married and since the time that I showed him my tattoo I haven't seen him which is 2 months ago.

I miss you!


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