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      What The!!!


there's this guy I've liked since i was 12, we have been friends for 14 years.  well after high school he goes to live with his father, i was hurt but I understood.  we kept in touch and everything was fine between us.  I even admitted that i had a huge crush on him and he admitted the same.  one day he emailed me that he was moving back home.  I was delighted, but I didn't really expect us to get together or anything, i just wanted my friend back.  when he got here, we hung out a lot, we were always together.  well one night after going to the movies, we were sitting around and he kissed me so passionately, so sweetly i was speechless for minutes.  as the days and months rolled on we saw more of each and the kissing got extremely heavy and very hot.  so, i thought we need to define this relationship before this goes any further.  one evening after dinner, i decided to ask him to officially be my boyfriend.  he straightens up and says, "that would be too weird, you're like a sister to me and I don't believe in incest".  I was shocked  and hurt, i asked him, "do you always kiss your sisters with tongue and grope them?"  he of course had no answer and i asked him to leave and i was left sitting there heartbroken and  like, What The.......


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