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      You have no idea...


I'm 18 years old and my boyfriend is 24, we've been dating for 2 years and 2 months.  

We met on an internet site in February, he was the only one who said hi to me, we talked for a while and then I left for an hour or so and came back on and he was still there so we started to talk again, that conversation lasted at least 5 hours the first day.   We sent emails and talked on a messenger site for about an hour a night until it became 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours was our record conversation.    I had love feelings for him immediately... I waited to tell him I loved him at least 4 months after we met, he felt the same way and ended up telling me he was falling for me.  

We decided he needed to come over and be with me so last June he came over for 3 months (my parents love him as well).   The day he was coming over was nerve wracking!   My aunt and uncle drove my mom and I to the airport where we waited an hour or so before the plane landed.   I saw that it had landed and we were at the terminal waiting for aunt saw him first and told me, I freaked out then I saw him, it was ...WOW...I walked up to him and we had the biggest hug ever!   We went to get his baggage and he took my hand and kissed it then we said how long we've waited just for that and it's finally happening.   I'm surprised how easiy it was actually, it wasnt awkward at all!   We went to his motel room and watched tv for the night and talked, we held hands the entire time.   It was 1:30 in the morning when we had our first kiss, and My First kiss ever, it was So words can describe it...   Every day after that was even better, then the day we dreaded came... departure...   We've never hurt so much, saying goodbye IS truly the hardest thing.  

I cried for 3 hours straight that night....    Then at Christmas he came over again for 2 weeks or so again the most amazing time EVER!   Departure was even harder the second time....   I remember every word he said to me....   So now it's 3 or so months later and we're filling out all these darn forms so he can get a's SO have no idea what we're going love someone so much you'd die for them in a split second, when you hug them you want to cry because it seems like that moment couldn't be real...True soul mates that's what we are...  

I go to bed every night on the verge of tears...hoping I'll wake up and he'll be there beside me....   Soon though... so soon he'll be here again...


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