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I am sitting here thinking about you knowing full well this will go nowhere because that's just the way my life always end's.

We had so much going for us once upon a time many moon's ago and then we just threw it away but there were good reason's for our actions.

The Love of my life was You and no one has been able to fill those shoes you walk with in my heart.

You are my dearest Memory my dearest friend my dearest lover that I could ever dream of ever sharing a day with again and I doubt this will ever happen again in my lifetime.

Though as I walk through these shadows I accept what fate has given me and I am very Grateful for what we both experienced along the way for we may never have without each other.

You have my Dearest Blessings and prayers that your life will be a abundance of happiness and I pray a happiness that was close to what we had together.

I leave you with this code in life.

Even though the Deck is no longer in our hands the Love will still be strong forever till I take my last breath and you will reside in my heart where you belong through eternity even after my death.






P.S. This goes to you Rick


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