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      Lost life


Everything was great in my life from the time I was born until 3rd grade. I had a small, loving family, a big house and lots of friends. Then one day after school I was playing in the living room with one of my best guy friends Austin. My parents where yelling at each other and all I could do was listen as we continued baking in my easy-bake oven. A few minutes later my mother came out and told me to get my things because we where going to my grandma's. The last thing that I remember for a bit was me calling "come on daddy" and my mother telling me "daddy is going to stay here this time". Then all I remember was me sitting on the wooden floor of my grandma's house playing with my easy-bake oven again like a normal third grader. Later the next day my mom told me she would be back and she left. She came back later with most of our things and that's when I knew what was happening. I always felt lucky that my parents where still together but I guess I don't remember that feeling anymore. I was sitting on the front step staring out into the neighborhood when my mom sat down next to me and said " you know we aren't going back right" and all I could do was nod.

Then I started going back to school but because it was the middle of the year my mom drove me the hour to and from school so I would not have to start a new school in the middle of the year. The next year I started my new school. I made a friend right away and turned out she lived right across the street from me. Well turned out she wanted me to be her one and only friend she tried to keep me from making other friends and threatened me all the time. I don't know how many times she made me cry during class but I remember my favorite teacher yelling at me for crying and my least favorite teacher comforting me.

I hated school as you could imagine and I didn't want to go well my mom thought she let me miss enough school and wouldn't let me stay home. So I ran downstairs and grabbed the biggest, sharpest knife and held it to myself and told my mom if she got any closer or if she made me go to school I would kill myself. Then I realized what I was doing was stupid and dropped the knife and ran upstairs. The rest if the year went by as a blur and I don't remember it but I do remember the girl who I thought was my friend holding a knife to my throat. Well I ended up making two good friends and fifth grade went by easy. Then it turned out I was moving I finally get my life in order and I am forced to move again. Ever since the begining of fourth grade my mom's new boyfriend had been living with us and with a total of six people we had to move. So we moved and 6th grade went by with a few ups and downs. Now in 7th grade my so called friend talks about me behind my back and she calls me a poser and my other friend says I don't have any friends. The guy I like calls me ugly and says I look like an ostrich and even said I would look like a guy if I cut my hair. Now I have been thinking that they are right and that I don't have any friends. Everyone tells me that they are my friend and they all seem to love me and I even have a guy who I kind of like who just asked me out but still life is hard and these are only the major parts that I can remember.

For those of you who have a hard life share it with someone not even my best friends from my old school know my whole life story.

It really does feel good to share your life with someone who won't judge you so please for me just share your feelings with someone and if you like share this story with someone too.


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