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      good bye forever II


its not that i still love you or anything, but i still really care for you. i think i've gotten over you but i know if i find out there's someone else, my heart will break all over again. i fell so hard for you and now i'm trying to get back up. i'm almost there, but knowing that you've moved on doesn't help at all. i know you still care for me as much as i still care about you. please give me a sign telling me that you still want me in your life, even if we're just friends. i don't want to end up like one of your other ex girlfriends. we had something no one can ever have again with you. you were the one. you were my babe and i was yours. i know we'll end up together one drunken night and confess everything. but until then, a shrug and half a smile will be all you receive from me in the hallways. well, later.


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