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      love hurts


This is a story of how much love can hurt you.

i have a girlfriend and its been 3month. she told me last night it wasn't the same any more she only told me this after i begged her she was crying for 30 mins i feel so bad when i see her crying and when she doesn't tell me what is wrong i start to cry, i feel like she doesn't  trust me and i base all my relationships on trust. i try to give a 100% in a relationship if my partner isn't happy i would do anything to make them happy and when they don't let me i feel like hurting myself. i used to be a self harmer and its things like this that make me think about it.


now it mite sound like I'm blaming my girlfriend for my misery but its nothing like that i love her so much this is the part when ill tell you about my title "love hurts" well it does I'm only young (16) and i cant do much things my self like drive and have my own house so i have to do things on other peoples schedules and it mite sound a bit silly but when i go to her house and i see her and hold her i feel like I'm in heaven. then when i go home i feel so bad and i feel like I'm being torn away from her. 


i don't no what id do without her she is the only person who relay understands me and the only person who makes me feel happy. so I'm going to do anything to keep her in my life lol 


anyway i just thought id send this lil story to this website i found it when i was looking for love quotes to go on my msn name lol 


so love to all and i hope love doesn't hurt you as much as it hurts me  



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