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      i'l never get over him...


well my friend amber had this friend called James. when we met we were both going out with other people, but we liked each other as friends and exchanged email addresses. i was only 15 and he was a year older, but i connected with him in a way i never had before. we started talking for hours every day and eventually, both our relationships broke up.


one day, we were in town together and he kissed me - it was the most wonderful moment of my life. he didn't want to tell anyone and only talked to me, when he wanted me to come around and 'do stuff' with him. but i was so in-love with him....i always came running.


after a while he decided that he 'loved' me and we started going out. but he never trusted me and started trying to control who i saw and trying to cut me off from friends he didn't like. once i called him up, again going out with some of my girl mates and he hung up on me. eventually, after he ignored me in favour of my friend amber, we broke up.


i was absolutely devastated and cried all night. after a while, things got better, however i never stopped thinking about him.


then a few months later, i found out he was seeing someone and resolved to move on.....but i never could.....and when his relationship broke up, he started talking to me again, telling me he stil loved me and never got over.


the minute i responded, he ignored me for two weeks.


so now he is blowing hot and cold with me....and yes i know i'm stupid....but i love him and know that i would go back to him.....but i am trying to move on, i even have a new boyfriend.


james - you could have me back in your life if you wanted. it's the fact that you tried to mess with my head and keep trying, that is keeping me away.... 


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