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      love is so complicated


i am just a freshman college student.. its all started this second semester. I have a friend her name is HAN, honestly we always disagree with each other bur despite of it we're still very close. We have a classmate his name is IAN. Our classmates always tease us because they say that we look good together and we have chemistry. I always play joke with him and it is pure joke.

One day, HAN,  my other friend LAI and me we're talking and the center of our topic is IAN. They told me that they can see to us that there is something between me and IAN. At first, I just ignore it but as time passed, i realized that I am falling to him. I thought it was just okay and no one will get hurt. Until i found out that my two other friend are also in love with him. It is the first time that HAN fall to someone. And i can tell that she's really in love with him. I am too is so in love with him but i decide to stop my feeling to give way for my friend. i thought it will be okay. But as time passed until now, it becoming more and more complicated. HAN will going to go to their province and She's not sure if she will come back. She told me that she will not come back because she said that IAN and I are more compatible and she don't want to be the reason for us to be not together. She also admitted that She chose IAN over me, but its okay with me. I love IAN but i will not chose him over my friend. Now i am so tired and i don't know what to do. So now i decide to give up my feeling and to wait for me friend to come back. I don't want to lose her.


Its really so complicated. So now i chose my friend over the one that i  love and i admit it it was so painful and i am so hurt but i have to continue my life and to pretend that every thing's okay and smile to keep all the pain in my heart. that's how complicated love is especially when you and your friend love only one guy.


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