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      one way love....


Its crazy when you know you  truly love someone and u are not being  loved in return, I think that is the most painful thing that can happen to any one.


 I knew Brad from high school, he was years ahead of me and he was just like every other person around, never thought anything could crop up between us. I saw him as a nerd and he wasn't all that. He looked like a boy from a comfortable home and mere looking at him there was no reason for him to be noticed by any one. But what made him known by the whole school was puzzle I was able to solve five years later. We later met in the university and I saw him and walked up to him, introduced ma self and we got talking. we became close friends and I got to know he was the only child of his very wealthy parents and also a spoilt brat, still everything was  plain between us. we talked only when we came across each other.


It all started one summer when we finally exchange numbers, he called me every day and talked for hours. We got to know each other more and I started liking him. He started sending me nice messages which always made me smile continuously. He later invited me for a weekend in his house, we played games together, played in the shower and I lost counts of kisses I got from him. I loved every second I spent In his house. The weekend was over and I had to travel back to school, travalled for about four hours all expenses incurred me me but I didn't see anything wrong with what I was doing. Got back to school after a long journey waiting for his call, to ask if I landed well and how my journey was but He didn't call me.I told a friend and she told me to forget him that he does not care about me but I didn't listen. I was heart broken so I called him and he was so cold and he told me he could talk at that moment. I wasn't my self cause I felt used. His calls reduced drastically. I had to get my self together and accepted fate may be that was it. He called me once a month and got a text every month. this was not the kind of relationship I hoped for, I wanted something more. He would only call me when he wanted me around Him, I still loved him so I was at his beck and  call. things continued this way until one weekend when I was with him, I was about 2 a.m when we heard a knock at the door, he got up to check who was there and I could hear a female voice. He came back to the room and told me that his neighbor wanted to spent the night in his flat if it was OK by me and I said OK. The next morning he started acting funny and he didn't talk to me I asked if I had done anything wrong but he did not even say a word. I left his house that day with tears rolling down my cheeks uncontrollable. And that was the last I heard of him. I have not heard a word from him.Its two years now and I cant still forget the times we spent together. I was ready for this cause it had always been a one sided love but I diddnt know it would come that soon. Love is the best thing that can ever happen to anyone or the sweetest thing that can be experienced by anyone provided its reciprocal.



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