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      True love - moved on?


Ok, well you will have to have read my two other storyies to know what I am talking about but anyway.

Me and my Ex girlfriend have decided that we can be friends - we both have new gf/bf's but it seems when we hang out she is always asking if i'm happy with her or why I am with her if I still have feelings for her and when I try and explain it she breaks down and starts crying.

She asks, why I dont care that she has a boyfriend and I tell her, I do care, it hurts me a lot, I just dont show it because what good can it do. I just tell her that all I have ever cared about was that she was happy with me as her boyfriend or someone else.

It's hard for me to understand what she is trying to say by this, crying and saying she cannot be friends. She was the one that did want me back as a boyfriend so I said then let's just be friends and so far, it has kinda worked out.

Now I know that in the summer she and her new bf are getting a place in the city and I dont understand that because he is moving away for 2 years about 5/6 hours away at least and my girlfriend is moving home for the summer which is only 2 hours away so I will keep that going and maybe when school starts she will get a job back where I live.

So me and my ex will be friends and hangout when they move away. But for some reason I could see this being a problem. I want to hang out with her and be her friend but I dont want to be the guy who makes her happy for 2 months and then her bf comes home for the weekend and im forgot about until he leave.

I'm thinking that I might be used as an 'inturn' boyfriend who makes her happy and does all that without being her boyfriend. There is no problem with me making her happy because I want too, but I just feel like for the next two years i'm going to be doing all the work for him and then he comes home to this beautiful girl who is super happy and has no problem.

So what happens if they get married when he gets back, she had just spent the last two years dealing with any problems she had but with me to help her and then this guy finds out and he cannot deal with it.

Maybe i'm digging too deep or looking too far ahead. Maybe by being her friend for that time she will realize what I mean to her and how great I treated her and want to be with me again. Is that what she is already starting to show??? And if I am still with my girlfriend i'm not the kind of guy that would just up and leave her for something I wasn't sure about. I could end up being in love with two beautiful girls and have to make that decision. It should be an easy one, to stay with the girl I am with because she never left me and she is just as great. What should I be thinking? Has this ever happened to you? Should I just let all the cards play out like they always will and do what I need to when the time comes?

I was lucky to fall in love with one person but how do you deal with two?


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