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      I loved you and trusted you, how could u break my heart like this?


I first met Darius in 2005 through a friend, I was already in a relationship but still talked 2 him on the phone. one day he asked 2 meet up with him,so i did! as soon as i saw him i knew he was the one for me and I ended my other relationship 2 b with him!he was funny, good looking an had a wicked personalty! me an Darius spent more an more time with each other, we was spending everyday with each other an not getting bored of each others company! i just turn 15 at the time an fell pregnant, i no i was young but i thought i was in a stable relationship an wanted 2 keep the baby!Darius was happy 4 me 2 have the baby,because i spent all my time with him an i was pregnant i lost contact with my friends. by the time i was three months i was i school an i had a miscarriage! i was so upset but thought everything happens 4 a reason, but i got through it cause i knew i still had Darius...the boy i loved so dearly!

about a month after my miscarriage Darius started acting dodgy!wen he would cum 2 my house he would turn his phone off or it would b on vibrate!he would also get phone calls an texts that he would take outside the room away from me! i thought it was dodgy but didn't take 2 much notice. then one day a boy called Curtis rang me an asked how me an my man was...i was like yeah were fine uknow so in love...den he dropped it on me,Darius is cheating on u!my world broke down around me!i instantly started crying, den he dropped another bombshell dat the girl Darius is cheating on me with is pregnant an is keepin de baby!i cnt explain how i felt! ity felt lyk sum1 ripped out my heart an was stamping on it repiditly!i then cum off de fne 2 curtis an rang darius,at 1st he denied it den he admitted it an still had de check 2 say he didnt wanna b wid her but wanted 2 b wid me! i loved him so much i went along wid it!i wanted him 2 spend all his tym wid me an not her!but den tym went an she was gettin ready 4 scans an stuff an wanted him 2 b dere!i culdnt bare it this girl was havin a baby 4 de boy i loved....the baby that i lost...MY BABY! it was so hard 2 deal wid! so i decided 2 leave darius an move on! i started 2 hate her more than i did him,because she was carryin de baby that i wanted!then i realised i shuldnt hate no1 but him! i grew up without my real dad!i hav seen him twice in my lyf an dat has caused me sum problems mentally an im still hurt frm dat now an i wasnt prepared 2 b wid darius 2 make her baby grow up lyk me without a dad!i wuldnt wish that on no1! i got on with my life as hard as it was...i culdnt go skool or nothin i culdnt bare 2 face the world!but gradually wid de help of my family an friends i got through it! recently i had a documentry on bbc three called sweet sixteen witch featured alot of this story init, i hav now moved on an in a relationship an im in love wid dis boy an i hope he dnt put me through the same thing daruis did! i didnt expect 2 eva go through that awful experience in my lyf let alone at 16!


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