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      better days!!!!


Those who read my story earlier this is 'maybe' how it ends. Of course and as usual I compromised my pride again after being called the worst things a wife can call her husband that u can think of and went to apologies 'although I assure u its never my fault' and beg coz I really miss her good side for 2 or 3 days before she transforms to the demon she is now…Anyway…apology was accepted after the usual lecture as if I’m a kid in front of her, but I always bared with it coz I truly love her so much. Things were very nice and smooth and I was busy through out the week preparing for her birthday party that actually put me in dept coz I spent so much on. And suddenly she accuses me of selling one of our cars and not telling her about it coz god knows were is the car and what did I do with its money…although she knows that its in the garage to install some parts in it. I got upset and told her that I can’t believe that u don’t trust me and I can’t believe how materialistic u r… and that was it…..the transformation. I begged her to let us sleep coz we had a long trip across the country “doing her father a favor” and I was driving all day long, shockingly she slept. But in the morning… I woke up and she was already dressed, so I hit the shower and got dressed as fast as I could, and when I’m putting my shoes on she shouts out saying I’m leaving, so I ran out and said I thought we’re going out for coffee… and the demon was back, I don’t want to go into details coz it really hurts me remembering them… all I know is that she pushed it tooooo far this time that I really really lost my temper and dragged her out of the house. She came back in crying… but saying the same stabbing words she says… so I left the house instead. its been a week I haven’t seen her or spoken to her but we r communicating through text messages coz a conversation is not possible. Since then this non-stop heartache is just not subsiding and to let u know how things are now I would like to post up these text messages hoping THAT U DON’T REPORT ME FOR ABUSE. Me being pissed off and hurt realizing that this is the end: I SEND:7 years and I’m praying to god that someday u’d understand the simple things i always told u.Now I’m praying to god to give me the strength to accept it when u open ur legs for someone else. SHE REPLYS: U r a fucker, don’t u dare talk to me like this, u go bend over u fucking fag and I always new u r not a man to accept. I’ll die and not let any fucker like u touch me u bitch and u fucking end this shit today, I’m not gonna wait more, I have all the right to leave such a street person, come and take ur car bitch it over heated and give me mine u whore, just leave me the fuck alone for good u coward. 7 years wasted and I have my legs open for you and now u don’t deserve it. I REPLY:See what I mean by u’ll never change?  SHE REPLYS: Answer like a man… u bitch. “I didn’t reply” SHE SENDS:Divorce now and get it all u fucker. I REPLY:U want a divorce? SHE REPLYS:Fuck u I don’t want u, I don’t love u and fuck u I am better than u and fuck u after after what u’ve done and fuck u for having doubts that I care about money, fuck u for calling me a bitch (I DID) and leaving the house for a week and I forgive u never doubt u.. fuck u, u had me u should’ve done the impossible for me and u, and u ask me if I want a divorce? U lost me, not this time, I need love, care and someone telling me I deserve it and more, not coz I opened my legs u fucker u r a bitch hope u die u low life piece of shit. I REPLY:Stop bothering ur self  coz u will never be able to get rid of ur filthy tongue, nor ur suicidal unfair revenge thursty personality and not even ur stubborn thoughts that u r always right. I’ll be lying if I said that I’m happy or I don’t miss u and the biggest lie would be that I don’t love u. I just can’t see u do the things u do anymore. (THINGS LIKE DRINKING DETERGENT, GULPING DOWN PILLS GOING SO FURIOUS AND INSANE THROWING ANYTHING INFRONT OF HER AT ME……ETC…..ETC…AS IF SHE CAUGHT ME IN BED WITH SOME ONE) SHE REPLYS:Then do see, stay that far, I’ll forget u even more and don’t u ever blame me Mr. Respect it all and drag me out and call me a bitch when I had a break down (WHICH SHE ALWAYS HAS NO MATTER HOW SMALL OR BIG THE PROBLEM IS) and all day I was quiet, fuck u I don’t want to explain my self anymore its not worth it and fuck love like this, shove it up ur ass, and u actually have the guts to answer and on whatever u want, when I’m right and shut u up u run like a bitch, fuck off from my life, u fucked me up with ur depressed face.  And it went on and on………….I know that counseling is on ur minds, the country I’m in has no such thing, yes there are shrinks, but she refuses to go.I’m tired …. I want to leave her and move on, but honestly I don’t have the guts to, a person would know if he/she is capable of getting over something. I know I will divorce her. Although I still love her and die for the smell of her feet for gods sake. I just don’t want to get kids with a mom like that. GOD GRANT ME THE STRENGTH TO ACCEPT THE THINGS I CANNOT CHANGE.    


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