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      I can't believe how much he means to me.....


Well i have a boyfriend who happens to be 17 and he will be 18 (4-28-07) And well i just turned 15 last month and i don't know what my mother is going to have to say when he is 18 i am afraid that she will ban me from being with him but she is letting me go to prom with him in May but that doesn't mean anything and well i am a white girl rather pale and he is African American and my mothers boyfriend doesn't agree with that but he means the world to me and i would do anything for this guy.


I have been judged and ridiculed throughout my whole life i had sex at a very young age as a matter of fact i was just beginning to blossom into a teenager i was 13 and the guy i had sex with was 15 and he wasn't even my boyfriend just my best friends brother and well i dated this guy when i was 11 and well for 2 years i thought i could do anything to get him back and i experimented with him and well it led to sex and i never got back together with him and i have had sex with 3 other guys since then and one was 18 going on 19 and of course my mother didn't approve of that so i would sneak off and have sex with this guy and well at one point it was unprotected and i had missed 2 periods and i was really worried and then the guy broke up with me and his best friend called me which happens to be the guy I'm with now and at this time this guy wasn't dating anyone because he had put it to rest that he would never date again because of what his ex had done to him she was hanging out with his cousin and lets just say things got a little heated but he called me to talk to me and comfort me with my issues and well me and my 18 year old boyfriend got back together only to break up again and i had went through a lot of shit with this guy my mother sent me away to live with my sister because i had constantly lied to her about where i was going instead i was off with him and well me and him broke up again and me and his best friend started talking the day after me and this guy broke up me and his best friend were standing in the hallway at our school and it took us both by surprise we had kissed.


And it was the most amazing kiss ever totally unexpected and unplanned it was absolutely beautiful i mean i felt s jittery after wards and i couldn't stop smiling which is and unusual thing for me because i am a very depressed person it was the greatest day of my life i thought and i still look back on that day and I'm glad that it happened to me this guy is so sweet and even before we figured out i wasn't pregnant he said he would even take care of a child that wasn't his. This guy is so amazing he is what makes me wake up and look forward to living that day. he makes my heart feel so weak. and what makes this extra special is he was a virgin so i knew he didn't want sex and so i surprised him and on New Years eve i took his virginity it was actually the first time i had ever made Love instead of just having sex and the only reason i had sex before was because if i did i thought i could make the guy happy this guy means the world to me and no one can ever replace him i have found my soul mate and i am happier than ever if i lost him no one can replace the hole in my heart that will always be there he is my one and only true love and i want it to stay that way forever. Me and him didn't really go looking for love we just found it.




"The moral of my love story is you will find love when you least expect it."


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