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      I dont like feeling this way


I am 37 years old and am at the end of a 12 year marriage. I am tired of feeling sad and tired of feeling so close to tears. I am not a bleeding heart but I am not a cement brick either.

I miss that my husband doesn't put his arms around me anymore or telling me that he loves me. He works 50+ hours a week and feels that he and I are just too different. He's always made me feel quite inferior to him (he has a masters degree and I'm in my first year of college). He prides himself on belittling me especially in front of our boys. He doesn't want to try counselling nor is he willing to address his self confessed depression. I don't like feeling this way, I don't like knowing that my oldest son treats me the same way his dad I'm an idiot. I know, I would make a good story line for a soap but this is so very real and I don't have anybody I dare confide in for fear of gossip or feeling and/or looking like a failure.


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