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      The man that I can never have By: jay-vee


I used to write stories about other people's life, but I never tried to write my own story..But now,I finally have the courage to let all people know about my undying love for it goes...

I have loved this man for almost 6 years now.I fell in love with Junmar when I was in 1st year h.s.He used to be my near yet so far..I have kept that feeling because I know its impossible for him to feel the same.He used to hurt me without him knowing..My friends used to tell me that I'll soon get over with it.I didn't argue with them because what I'm feeling then is foreign to me.But I know right then that my love for him is incomparable.

I'm now in my 2nd year in college but my heart still never miss even a single beat for him.Few months ago,I thought that my love for him has faded atlast.And I was able to convince myself that I'm finally over with him.Until one day,a friend way back in h.s invited me to her debut party,I hesitate to come because I might see him there,and the thought kept disturbing me.The party will start at 7 o'clock so I decided to come at 5pm after my class.I just handed her my gift then I go home.,..But fate done its part,We accidentally crossed our paths in the road.The sight of him awakens all the feelings I have kept for the longest time.Realization came to me,I just can't stop myself from loving him and I can't make him feel the same...

To Junmar,

I loved you so much and it hurts to know that you don't feel the same.I will always pray for your happiness

I know someday I will be able to find someone I will love more than I love you and who will love me as much as I do..

But theres something I wanna tell you,you can't find ay other woman who can love you the way I do..




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