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      My unrequited love story part III


Hi, here I am again..

I'd like to give you the updates after Part II *, well we did chat for few times online, and whoaaaa, she's changed!

I mean she's not the person that I've loved, she's being totally different only because of the time I ignored her.

I asked her why is she changed? " People change.. " she said

While talking to her I discovered that she's kinda hating me now, after all this great friendship that we had :(

Anyway.. days went until one day I felt something strange, I felt like she is lying and that she still has relationship with that guy.

It was another painful night.. 2006/11/15 about 7 PM I decided to talk to her best friend and check out some stuff, The big surprise was that she did not leave her boyfriend, it was all a lie.. she doesn't want people to know about it specially her mother, so she made up this lie..

What can I say.. the same pain and sock happened to me, the same one happened in October 2005..

I was totally down, I thought of joining the army so I could be killed easily, All I thought of was DEATH

I mean, I'm the one who looks much better than him (though that doesn't matter because its love), I'm the one who's father was honest and did not steal any cent from anyone, I'm the one who helped her a lot and listened to her problems every time, I'm the one who loved her the most,

How could she forget all these things, my feelings, and do what she did?

Anyway.. days went by and valentine day came which was a sad day for me, I didn't even party with anyone, How would I and on the back of my mind I know that she's in love with that guy?

GOD! Where are you?! Why don't you show up and help me?! Why is this life so unfair?! Why did you bring me in here!!

That's how days went, and since 2006/11/15 I heard nothing from her, and I decided not to make any connection with her because she lied to me many times.

2007/2/25: The girl sent an sms asking me how I am doing and asking for help by copying her two copybooks

I answered: I will copy them for you, and I totally ignored her " how are you " question

So she said: I guess I asked how are you?

Me: Fine bad whatever..

She: ok whatever.

2007/2/27 when I decided to talk to her friend, she said I have some good news for you:

The girl left her Boyfriend months ago, I'm sure this time is final.

I asked, why do you think so? I can't believe it anymore, I was fooled twice!

She said: No, if I weren't sure I wouldn't have told you, she left him because she finds him so boring now and she's not being sad.

After hearing that, I was happy, as the world was mine, but again, i thought, what if the same thing happen? I don't want more shocks!

So today I did chat with the girl via SMS, telling her that I copied the copybooks, she did thank me and kinda opened a subject to talk about, it was all good til

I said: alright lil xxxxx (her name is the xxxxx), I'd better not make you busy.. study well

She: ok thanks, btw I'm not lil so don't call me that

I said: but in the past I was calling you lil lady and that was ok for you!

She: lil lady is more nice than lil xxxxx, you know that I hate my name and lil xxxxx means like I'm a baby or sumthin

I said: come on your name is not bad, it has many nice meanings, plus there is no woman/girl who wants to be called with nicknames that refer to oldness

She: Oldness? like lady? Actually lady is more nice that the one you said

... ( I can notice that she wants to make a problem from this so I tried to avoid that ) ...

I said: Alright "lil lady" we don't need to create an argument here..

She said: ya I was going to tell you call me lil xxxxx or lil lady or whatever because I'm sleeping now lol good night

I said: good night and sweet dreams.


I always wonder, was she treating her ex-boyfriend like that? I think i'm the only one who gets this special treatment from her!

At last I will keep updating this story, I will not stop fighting, no matter what she does, I love her forever, And I'll be the father of her children.

May god help me this time, I really need her in my life :(

Part I:

Part II:


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