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      Why you did this with me?


It was December 2004, a guy added me on orkut. I don't know why but from the day one I got this attraction towards him.

We talked and we found we had lots of things in common, besides his music taste. One day he asked me for my cell number so far we were just talking on the net. We started speaking and at first I was like, do'nt call so often, it will cost you a lot, he said its ok.

The more we talked the more we came closer to each other. I used to wait for his call every night. We would have news of each other of every moment.

I was taking my exams and daily in the morning he would wish me luck and I don't know how he used to guess that my cell was turned on because after papers, as soon as i turned on my cell, his call was there.

I still remember the way he said to me that he like me. One night he called me and said 'You wanna see the girl I like?' he said I will tell you, then I will close the conversation, he said 'look for her in your mirror'. This was the happiest moment of my life, all was going fine.

It was his birthday, I went to buy a shirt for him, it was his company launch, I didn't realize his busy schedule and I took it as ignorance and a quarrel started. We were never the same after that. I prayed alot and when I was on verge of gettin him back his friend jumped in between because she used to like him. She created a misunderstanding and we parted. He got married to that same friend.

Its a year since we parted and I still miss him, but I know I can't get him back because now he is someone elses. I can't be as selfish as that girl was.

But I do pray that one day he realize his mistake.


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