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      Skinned Knees Are easier mended than broken hearts...


I sometimes wish i was a kid again because as the title says 'skinned knees are easier to mend than broken hearts'!...

One of the hardest things to feel is unrequited love. Ive loved this man for a very long time, it was my dream come true when we got together and my life suddenly became so much more livable but he didnt feel as strong as i did so it never lasted long. I still find myself thinking about what we had because to me it was everything i wanted in a relationship but that obviously wasnt enough for him. We didnt speak for a long while because me knowing i had to dispatch my feelings decided no contact was the best way to do so. Recently we have started talking again and im scared reppercussed feelings may appear. Do i stop contact altogether again?Even though we will soon be seeing alot of each other due to attending the same college next september?


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