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      A love that would never happen


I started high school last year, taking french, i found the one boy that I have loved for more than a year with no return of love.

Teddy is everything that I could wish, or even dream of for a perfect boyfriend. I liked him since before I really got to talk to him. I loved him since I talked to him. He is kind, sweet and understanding. Teddy is not judge mental, and understands when i need someone to talk to. He is one of the only people who can see through my tough outer shell. He sees the person inside, hurt and in fear.

I recently told teddy that I really liked him, straying away from I love you, not to scare him away. He told me he understood, but did not feel the same way about me, that he thought i was a great friend, but nothing more, and nothing less.

I live everyday, day by day, I have loved this boy for more than a year, and i still love him with all my heart, I will never have a chance to tell teddy how much i do love him, or how much i need him in my life. I think about him all the time, but that is just what it is.... A love that would never happen.


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