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      Love sucks, it's great to begin with - sucks in the end


My first girlfriend was this girl i'd liked for years, we went out for over three years.But then we both went to uni and she dumped me.

It hurt so bad I was a mess, cutting myself and thinking about ending it all. I'm not being funny, I was an absolute state.

BUT! it gets better. Everyday. I've given all her photos to my housemate to hold onto cos they fuck me up when I see them.

My advice is, if you've been chucked then just steer the fuck away from the object of your desire for a while. That's what I did and have been doing diligently. To begin with it was like walking around with the most foul pain in the world and I dont reckon time is the healer, I reckon you just get numb to it, now i'm not, but you get better each day, like the beatles song says 'its getting better all the time'.

That said, i'd run over hot coals to get back into her arms........


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