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I've known this man for 3 years now, we where colleges at work. About 11 months ago we became "good friends" and about 5 month ago we became "best buddies". 3 months ago we became lovers. A wonderful relationship had bloomed.

We've always had the absolute fun together. All along I had this worry in the back of my mind that there is something going on with this other mutual friend of ours. Oh, God, today she called me for advice --- "I've spent the most beautiful day with Soandso today but I don't know what to think. She came to my house and toldme "in confidence" (she is married and in a superior position at work above him) about his relationship with him. How they went to the movies, how she went to his house, and all the details about today. I was in shock - numb - my heart was torn out once again, crushed and run through a mill. So, now, here I am sitting, crying my eyes out, heart broken and wondering "why, why again, we had so much fun together" Please, I don't want to hurt like this again. (it wasn't the first time). I really don't want to get involved again. The pain is way too much. There are so many details, so much, but this pain is indescribable. I've fallen in Love once again and for what?

Thanks for listening.


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