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      A STORY IN A POEM by: jay-vee


I'm talking with the man I love

Confessing about the love I have

But he just walk out annd ignore

It hurts, but I love him more

I called for his name as loud as I can

But then again, he didn't stop from leaving me pain

He didn't bother to gave me a stare

I guess he really didn't care

I still wait at the corridor

Hoping he'll come once more

A second, a minute,an hour

Am I just wasting my time?

I still have this courage of mine

I'll still wait till he comes

A second' a minute, an hour

Would it be too much to hope he's all mine

I walk out through the gate

I'll just leave everything to fate

Would it be too late

for him to know that I love him and I wait

I run and cross the road

When a sudden light strikes me

Blood comes rushing to me

I guess its the end of my journey

But before I close my eyes

There's something I long to ask

"would you rather die than to loose your pride?

or would you do both for the one you love?"


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