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      Your bestfriend can NEVER be your lover... can he?


It Was the start of high school, grade 9,and I Was not looking forward to it. i thought it Was be boring because it Was a pretty 'good' school, nothing ever happens here.

At first I met this guy. He liked me but i didn't feel the same. He realised I didn't and introduced me to his friend. At first, it Was nothing, I thought the same of him like every other guy. but then we started talking a lot. like all the day. 24-7. at school, on the phone, MSN, every way possible. It Was like we WERE boyfriend/girlfriend but we weren't. we talked about EVERYTHING. he Was my best friend. i trusted him, he trusted me. I started falling for him and i could tell he did too. He put me first before ANYONE. he wasn't like any guy.. he Was different.. in a good way.

Weeks went by and we had a date. he took me out and it Was beautiful. I don't think he has ever done this with anyone else. It Was not like any other date, it Was special. After that night, things were still great, until one day, he just started with this attitude at me.

I thought he would just go back to normal the next day.. but he didn't. I found out there was this other girl who convinced him that I wasn't his girlfriend so he shouldn't treat me how he is now. I guess she was just jealous.

We hadn't talked for a month but then one day he apologised and STUPID me forgave him. We went back to our normal conversations that week. I thought everything was going back to normal but the next week, he just started ignoring me again. I don't know why but I couldn't let go. I guess it was TRUE love.

I never thought I would find it at such a young age but I did. why would he do this to me? so many questions I asked myself but none ever answered. But I could tell he still had feelings for me, because he would always look at me in the halls whenever I passed. I still think that one day he will come back to me but I always get second thoughts. He has found someone new but that doesn't matter to me. I follow what my heart says. I believe in true love and one day he WILL come back to me.. Whatever it takes.

It Was hard losing the man of dreams.. my soul mate.. BUT it was even worse losing my best friend.


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