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      Will I Get Over Him? And Will He Come Back To Me?


It all started from a simple visit to the cinema on a friends birthday. It was one of my friends birthday and i was invited along with another friend and her cousin Jim. Id never met him before but heard so much about him. When i first saw him i thought nothing of him but once we started chatting, that was it. From then on we txt,spoke on the internet and regularly saw each other along with his cousin (my friend). Time went by and i really liked him, more than anyoine else before. I hoped he liked me to but was to scared to ask him. More time went by and we spoke more and more often and even started meeting on our own. Then my mum went away, so as a normal teenager would i decided to invite some friends over including Jim. That was the night of our first kiss. Once more i fell deeper into thinking we would eventually be together and my hopes would become reality. Just two weeks after my friend held a party at her house and Jim was invited much to my persuasion. We once again hit it off and i ended up losing my virginity to him. This made me assume he felt the same as me and things would progress hopefully into a relationship. I was wrong, very wrong. Not alot changed between us but he still told my friends and me that he liked me alot but was not ready for a relationship yet. I decided i could wait however long he needed becuase by this time my crush had developed into my first love. However i made a big mistake by waiting for him because he never came back to me.Instead he started 'going out' with my 'friend'.I was heart broken and really hit a low.He is still going out with my friend but we still talk like we used too.Do you think he will ever come back or do i need to get over him??


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