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      I cannot decide


I am in 6th grade. I like this boy, Steven. It isn't one of those cute baby crushes. It is real. I can feel it burn into a warm heart.

The sad thing is that every time a girl would finish their love, I thought he would finally ask me out. It never came true. He went through many girls and not one of them was me.


1. Britney


2. Shannon


3. Allie




5. Jackie



See what I mean. Not one was me.

I  prayed and I did nothing but hoped. I didn't hope to high just in case.

I didn't want to be the eagle who flew too high only to be crushed by the clouds above. I wanted to be the unobvious one. I didn't want it to take over our two-year friendship that i liked so dearly. I didn't know what to do.


It seemed the only one their was my best friend, Stephannie. She was the only one who knew how to help without letting anyone else know.


She is helping a lot. She is going to let him know... how I really feel, so maybe, just maybe, I have a chance.




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