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      True Love - post break up


I broke up with my girlfriend as many of you have already read * and I am still in love with her and am right now trying to be her friend so that maybe I can get my true lover back and if I dont ever get her back then I will always have her as a friend which I know we could be great friends. But I have ran into a huge road block.

While we were dating I became really good friends with her sisters boy friend (Known as josh in the true love story). So After we broke up he still wanted to be my friend no matter what happened between me and her. So he invited me to go snowboarding, he was working at the time so I just snowboarded alone. But after the the hill shut down we had a few beers in the lodge. He asked me if I would like to stay for supper and I said sure why not. I met his parents once before and they were super cool. After supper his parents asked me if I would like to stay the night, play some cards and have a few drinks (which were all on the house) so i said hey why not it's a long drive home and i've drank a few already.

His girlfriend called him that night and he is the kind of guy that's not going to lie or try and hide it so he told her that I was there and that I was staying the night. I think she was mad because I have only met his parents twice and they seem to really like me but they are super nice people and are very easy to get along with. She on the other had thought after four year of dating their son that they didn't like her, which is not true at all, i know that for a fact.

Anyway, when my ex found out that I had stayed out there she freaked out and said that I wasn't allowed to be his friend. She was so mad at me and thought that I was trying to get her mad which is far from what I am doing.

We also recently went to a free beer night which was just going to be mostly guys because it's beer and we drink a lot in a short time. So he asked me to go and never asked her (why would  he... it's a free beer night - she hates beer). But again she got mad at me and him this time because he didn't invite her and at me because I am making him choose between us. So my question is when you break up do you stop being friends with people like him? And What should I do about being friends with her let that go or just give it him? (she seems to be getting better but I dont no that forsure) so whats your advice?

* True Love


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