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      Can anyone help me?


Hi I'm Denny, I'm 23.

As the days go past and hours go on. I sit and wonder what my life is amounting to? I don't know anymore. The past 5 years of my life were horrible. Going through lies, being beat, used, Stolen from.. the list could never stop. Now in June 2001. I met this girl I swear on the bible to be that special one. I have honoured her love so much it hurts. Things were great between us at first. She is 19. She is pregnant. I willing excepted the responsibility to take on that. I have no problem with that. I offered her engagement. She returned my ring. Now it's a question of love.

Lately, she has not talked to me as much or been there for me. She is going to school in spring, I understand that, but I don't feel the love I deserve at all. I'm so hurt. If I continue this heartache, I don't know what's going to happen.

So I wonder now what I should do? I don't want to let her go, Yet I don't want to get hurt anymore. I'm one of a few men out there that is honest and in love with her. She tells me she loves me, but I don't think she realizes the pain i'm in right now. Soon, it may be too late to realize.. I'll be so hurt. I'll crumble up, won't speak to anyone.. nothing... That's how I am starting to feel. So can anyone help me please?



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