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      The cleeve park Jerry Springer show


You want to hear a shocking story about modern day teenagers? Read ahead...It all started when Hayley had a teenage crush on Danny. Years went by and her crush developed into a full blown teenage love!She thought all her dreams came true when she eventually ended up 'going out' with Danny.Time went by and the love Hayley felt for Danny increased after her losing her virginity to him. They found themselves suffering a very bumpy ride after  going out with each other 'on and off' for nearly a year!Hayley by this time had full blown love feelings for him, therefore was undoubtedly shocked and distraught after discovering the boy she loved had sexual relations with someone else. That someone else was shockingly her 'friend', to whom she'd run to in upset with her own relationship with Danny. The sexual relations between the disloyal friend (Kayla) and Danny were deny ed and eventually overridden completely, except by those who had there own opinions to the matter. More time went past although the accusation was never forgotten. Year 11 was nearing the end of there last year but before that they had one more half term to go. Then Sunday before the Monday back to school was the revolution. There had been many ructions between Kayla and Hayley (understandable) and the parents were obviously aware. Kayla's parents were sick of the problems so they decided to do something about it. They went round Hayley's home and confronted Hayley about the troubles her and their daughter had been having. Unfortunately for Hayley and Kayla they got more than they bargained for! Kayla dropped herself in trouble because unfortunately for her, her own mother dropped her in the truth and admitted to Hayley herself the supposed sexual relations between Danny and her daughter were in fact true!! But not only did she drop her daughter in trouble (unintentionally) she dropped Kayla's best friend in the situation aswell! It turns out, not only did Danny have sex with Hayleys friend Kayla but she had sex with another close friend, Lucy(who also had a boyfrined at the time!)!!! This proves that young boys cannot keep their trousers up and dont care about ruining friendships between close friends!!


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