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      A couple ripped apart


On December 16th 1998, 'Phil' and 'Laura' met on the Internet Relay Chat.

The love that they share only comes once in a lifetime, if at all. The fight and struggle they have endured for the last three years has been difficult but through it all their love only continued to grow. Then one day it was ripped away from them after everything they worked for and gave up to find their happiness. Society tore them down and now they are 3000 miles apart from each other and their hearts and souls have become empty and lifeless.

So they planned, and were content to love each other online until they could change things in order to be together. Then the day came 6 months after they met online that they would meet in reality. It was on May 15th 2000. Laura flew to Sacramento to meet him. It was a very confused and emotional 24 hours for both of them. Filled with passion, guilt, love and fear. How does one deal with so many emotions all at one time? Neither of them knew and parted returning to their normal lives again. After returning to their homes the decision was made to stop seeing each other online and try to give their lives as they were one more chance.

Confusion, heartache and pain filled their souls with this decision and no matter how hard they tried they could not stay away from each other. Soon it became apparent that they must be together. Somehow they had to find a way to make it happen. They started sending job resumes all over California in hopes of finding work so they could make a move.

Almost a year later Phil had a website presentation in Orange County and was flown in for 10 days. He had a beautiful suite at the Marriott Hotel in Costa Mesa and it was just like they were meeting for the very first time all over again. This time in real life.

Laura is a computer technician and working on her AA Degree in Graphic Design. She has 2 daughters age 11 and 9 who are beautiful blonde haired beauties. They are brilliant and get outstanding marks in school. The 3 of them have lived a rough life over the last 10 years in a controlling environment and because Laura gave up her job to stay home with them as babies she has not been able to find work again. This is due to the internet and employers now receiving an average of 500 resumes a day for listed jobs.

Phil, who is a Systems Administrator and Computer Tech, took a job down by Laura in hopes of making their dream come true in Aug of 2000. After getting an apartment and with Laura struggling to get out of her situation with the girls they were finally together. The girls were happy and loved being there and better yet they loved Phil and he loved them. Laura was attending a college nearby and everything was finally falling into place after 2 and a half long years. Then one day Laura came home and Phil gave her the worst news of her life. He lost his job and it was a situation that was so unfair. He didn't deserve to loose it, yet according to the law he has no rights. The employer doesn't really have to have a reason to let someone go. One of the reasons was being accused of not working over the spring break. When if fact he was there all week with dozens of witnesses.

Now out of work he searched for over a month to find a new job that would pay the rent on the apartment, with no success. So the time came when they would have to give it up. Now unsure of what more they could do he decided to go back east where he would have a place to stay at his brothers for awhile.

Laura's daughter has too fallen in love with Phil's kindness, caring and loving ways and they were best of friends. They rode bikes, skated, played games and watched movies together while Laura was at her after school work study job. When she learned the news of Phil possibly leaving she was devastated and cried herself to sleep nightly. She begged him not to go and to somehow find a way to stay with them. They all were afraid of losing each other now, but the time and day soon arrived where they had to move. Phil had a truck and a classic car but could not take both with him so he donated this special edition classic to charity, along with 75% of everything he owned. He couldn't afford to rent a trailer so he could only take the necessities with him. So everything else was donated to charity.

The day came for him to leave, and he turned to look at the lady that he loved so deeply and was being torn away from and the tears were pouring from her eyes. He took her into his arms and held her tight and said "somehow, someway I will be back for you my love" and they held each other like they would never let go. The pain and emptiness they both felt right then was deep into their souls and there was nothing either of them could do to stop it.

She, now being forced back to the same situation, and him having to travel 2000 miles away to find shelter. The pain was too much to bear and she couldn't watch him leave so she got in her car and drove and drove. Her tears and pain were too much for her to even drive so she was forced to pull off to the side of the road until she could get control of herself. As she pulled into the driveway she ran in the house and called him on the cell phone, begging him to come back. Yet they both knew he couldn't.


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