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      Never Fall For Your Best Friend......


Last spring I met him online and became friends.....just friends......he was a blast and a great great friend when I truly needed one......he made me see myself in a whole new light.....I never had a clue he thought any more of me than just a friend


We became very good friends.......I like to think aside from one he became my best friend.


After a few months......he started to flirt somewhat...well dummy me I fell for him.......I guess even at my age your heart never learns....the flirting went on sometime and then we were to have a date

Well I not only got stood up once but 3 times.......Iknow what you are thinking ...this guy is a jerk......but that is so not true...I guess thats why its so hard to let it go.....but I finally have


After he explained to me the circumstances of his situation we agreed to go back to being just friends and continued to do so for many months

Then the flirting started again and I said being with you and it not working out is not worth losing your friendship and the just friends continued but eventuallly we did have a date


He was exactly what I knew he would be: A caring, great guy

Well it didnt work out.......I guess I wasnt what he was looking for.


I have not talked to him except brief online hellos


I guess the saddest part of this story is: Not only did I not get what I know is the man of my dreams...........I lost my best friend


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