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      I just cant stop loving him


I met this boy through friends, at first I didn't really like him, we were always fooling about and acting like normal friends do. I started to like him bit by bit and I really didn't think that there was something between us. One day I was out with my friends and he came next to us, he had a date with one of my mates which at that time I wasn't very close to her.

My best mate knew I really liked him so she went and asked him to go out with me and he agreed. I was really happy and excited. Finally the day came and we went out together and my other mate went out with another mate so it was like a double date. I was really shy but at that time we weren't really close. Months and months had passed and we were still going out just dating and in summer he started going out with this girl (as boyfriend, girlfriend). I was heart broken and I didn't know how he could do that to me!

After 3 months they broke up (I was kinda happy), and while he was with her he knew that he hurt me but I was trying not to show it, my friends were angry at me because there was other boys that wanted to go out with me but I always turned them down because I was still in love with him. I had arranged with an other boy but it didn't last and I wasn't really bothered about him.

Now I have been dating him for more than a year and I get really close to him more and more and sometimes he's usually in a mood but he's been through a lot in his life and I understand him. When I went on a holiday for Christmas I missed him too much and he said he missed me so when I got back I went to his house I felt really comfortable with him but the day after I was really upset because one of my friends thought she was pregnant with his kid but luckily she isn't... I was upset about that but now every thing's okay !!! 

I don't know what more I can do for him to just know how much I care, I love him to bits and would give him the world if I could... I'll just have to see what will happen in the future if i find someone else or if he'll be mine...

I'll just have to see.


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