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      I fell for my father's body guard


You thought it only happens in the movies? My father is very well known in my country. He appears on television, newspapers, news and of course he gets people's attention. One sad part is he has securities and me being his daughter have a bodyguard too.

It was a year and a half when I met his new young bodyguard and the sad part is, I fell for him. I had loads of moments with him when there were days that he was assigned to guard me. We practically treated each other as friends unlike some of the bodyguards that would treat me like someone who was off limits.

Time with him doesn't feel like having a security around but like having a friend around. We have a really small age gap and eventually I fell for him. I knew that time that I do like him and just having him around makes me happy. But everything has limitations, there are still some rules standing in a "girl-and his father's bodyguard relationship". One, the girl cannot fall for his body guard and vice versa. the girl is just off limits for him. After five month he was no longer my daddy's bodyguard. My father removed him or he decided to resign, I do not know until now. I didn't know that time if I was supposed to be happy or not. But I just acted normally and concentrated on something else. Months passed and I completely forgot about him. I don't remember him anymore.

Here's what's more hurtful. Two days ago my father and other well known friends had an out of town three days meeting. I went with him, as well as my mom and brother. It was on the first night's dinner party,when I entered the conference hall and felt someone hold my arms. I looked at the person holding me and it was him. My heart skipped and I knew my eyes became wide. I was so shock, I didn't know he was one of my father's friends' security right now and he was going to be there. We didn't get to talk much because I was pulled by my mother to the table.

After a few hours he came to me and talked. We talked about how life was treating us right now. We talk for like 5 to 10 mins when other securities there called him. That night I felt happy and sad as well. Happy that I saw him, but said that I felt like hurt is coming back once again. The second day we practically spent time together because he guard me when I'm not the one who he should be guarding. Though we never had the time to be alone since other securities were around as well. But atleast he get to eat breakfast and lunch at the same table, infront of me. This morning the three day out of town officially ended. I saw him this morning at the hotel's breakfast party, but didn't get to talk to him, he was so serious, I just waved to him and he smiled. I didn't get to say goodby to him neither because we left earlier and everything has to happen so quick, ofcourse for my father to not get too much attention.

Now I am here typing in tears. I thought I finally had moved on. How can it come back so quick? Everything just came back the night he approached me. I thought I was okay but right now proved me wrong.
sorry I couldn't tell my name but here's my email addy so people can contact me.


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