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      The second boyfriend


Four years ago, i transferred to a Chinese school since my mother was sick of us being home schooled. It wasn't easy getting used to waking up earlier than usual, eating breakfast quickly and having 10 hours of school 5 days a week.Just to remind you again, This is a Chinese school, so yes, we do have more hours for the extra subjects. Anyways, i came to this school at grade five. I was clumsy, skinny and the girl that was made fun of the most. Around grade six, one of the boys started to like me, He had an interesting name that i cannot mention, After about 3 months of talking everyday and cellphone messaging(out of stupidity), I said yes to his asking of companionship. (Girlfriend and Boyfriend). I still remember the date, December 24. After everything got settled down at school, he started to act differently. He got closer to my bestfriend and i got closer to his bestfriend. He got a tad bit too jealous. He decided to get back at me with my bestfriend, using her to make me jealous when he was actually falling in love with her.
It didn't make me furious or jealous in anyway since i always thought that he would never like her, But i was so wrong. After 4 1/2 months, i got a slightly jealous since he started to hug her and kiss her when he wouldn't do that to me, I was horrified about everything. His bestfriend and i got closer and i started to like him more than i liked my boyfriend. Of course, my boyfriend started to like her as well(my bestfriend), since they hung out together more than we did with eachother. It was horrible. All of a sudden i felt heart broken, it wasn't because i was afraid or because i couldn't tell if he liked me anymore, it was because the boy i had started to like was changing countries. I was mad,depressed and starving myself. I decided to break up with my boyfriend. I heard from many friends that the day after i broke up with him, he asked my bestfriend if they could be together. She didn't say yes since she didn't like him. But what i didn't understand was that if she didn't like him then why did she always attract him away from me and always hug and kiss him.
After that everything went downhill for him. Even after the breakup he asked me if he could call me sweetie pie. I thought he was really depressed, but i still said no. I was young, not stupid i told him. He asked me if we could be together again. Of course i wasn't going to fall for 4 months of torture , so i said no. During that summer break after everything cooled down, i started to cellphone message him more often that i was suppose to. I guessed that he stared to like me again. Its funny because he was asking me if we could be together again. I said no of course.
Without the guy that made me happy (My exboyfriend's bestfriend), i was still a bit miserable during the new year. What suprised me was that, i got closer to my ex's other close friend. He was the most incredible person i had met in our school so far. He was kind, funny, caring and no boring. Since 5th grade (When both of us were new) he liked the same girl. It was ok since me and him lived in totally different universes. Starting the new school year, me and him became bestfriends. During the semestral break, me and him were closer than ever, we started to chat for hours on the computer, talk on the phone for hours at least twice a day. To be honest, i started to fall in love with him, but of course, with me being me, i didn't metion a word to him or to anybody.
I just went on living as if we were always going to be bestfriends. When the semester break was over, he got into a fight with one of his close friends, it was a real fist to fist fight. He was absent the day after, and that was the day that I decided that I wouldn’t consider him as a bestfriend anymore. I told myself that I was going to call him later and tell him my true feelings. It was making me nervous the whole day. When I actually got on the phone with him, I got super nervous about everything, I didn’t really know what to do or what I was planning to say, instead, I asked a question like, “Do you still love her?” He said “ Not anymore.” In a sad, depressing voice.
I was surprised to hear that after 2 years of waiting, he finally stopped liking the same girl. Then I asked him, “Who is your crush then?” There was a long silence. Then he started to say the truth. He told me that he started to like me. I was beyond happy. I couldn’t say anything for a while.
But still, me and him went on as bestfriends.
The week before our exam week, I was talking to him on the phone, then all of a sudden, he told me that he wanted to ask me something very important on our Christmas party, I was thinking that it wasn’t anything important at first. But then I thought that maybe it was about him liking another girl. It drove me nuts for a long time. So throughout the weekend I nagged and nagged him to tell me on Monday.
Then came our exam week. We were all so nervous that you could pull out our hairs one by one and we would turn into puddle of water. After school he dragged to our school library(which is empty most of the time) and he took a long time to say it but he finally did. He asked me if I could be his girlfriend. I was surprised in a way. But some part of me was already expecting it. I told him that I didn’t know what to do and I asked for time. He told me take as long as you want.
The exam week was brutal and that question wasn’t making me feel any better at all.
When it came to our Christmas party I was scared. He changed his hair style, hair color and he got a piercing. I was afraid that maybe everything that happened with my first boyfriend would happen again. But I didn’t want to give it up so quickly because me and him got along so easily. Because like my sister told me “ Differents attract”, Which is very true in my case.
Anyways, I said Yes to him.
It been wonderful being with him. Although it a bit bumpy and we fight, Its normal.
Although he might not be my last boyfriend since I might go to the states next year, I wish he could be.
Its been a month already and me and him have been doing great. He goes to my house every Sunday and he and I have already kissed. But nothing more than that I promise. We don’t do romantic stuff often besides going to the mall together or having double dates. Nothing more.
Written 02-03-07


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