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      True Love


They say that true love is hard to find and when you find it you should do what ever it takes to keep it. Especially in today's world, true love is very hard to find.

About 12 months ago a young man named Patrick found himself on the path to his career. He was almost done his first year of school. He was on his way to becoming a Trades person. From the outside Patrick looked to have a great life, lots of friend from high school, and a few new friends that he had made in trade school. He had a nice house to live in with all his friends while he was in school. He had a nice car for summer and a good car for everyday driving. He had a part time job, so he had money go to out with his friends. All around you could say he had a good life. But inside Patrick was a different story. He was depressed, he felt like everyday was a challenge every night he went to bed thinking it would be so much easier just not wake up. Even though he love going to school and seeing his friends, he felt there was something missing and he wasn’t sure what it was he just knew it was missing and because he didn’t no what he was missing he couldn’t go looking for it. So Patrick just went on with his everyday life as usual.

Patrick found himself always fighting with his friends because they were all university student that liked to party all night and keep him awake. On some night Patrick would get a chance to go out with them and have a good time. Patrick never went out on weekdays because he always had school at 8 in the morning and though it just was not worth it. One Thursday in the middle of February. Jason one of Patrick’s new friends from school told him that it was his girlfriends birthday and they were all going out to the bar. Jason asked Patrick if he would like to come and normally he would have said no but he knew that school the next day would be easy because they were only taking first aid and he though he could just sleep thru that class. That night Patrick met a very beautiful girl. They danced and hung out together all night. When it was time to leave, this girl ask Patrick if he wanted to come home with her and a couple of her friends. Well Patrick could believe she was asking him, so of course his answer was yes. When they got back to her place. Patrick hit the bed and was out like a light. When he woke up in the morning he saw this beautiful girl next to him and was just amazed. He looked at the clock and he had to hurry or he would be late for class. Before Patrick could leave he knew that this girl was some things special and got the courage to ask for her phone number. As he went to put the number in his phone he remembered he had forgotten her name. So thinking quickly Patrick passed her the phone and told her to put all her info in the phone. Patrick wasn’t as smart as he thought because she came right out and said you don’t remember my name do you, Patrick was embarrassed and tried to think fast again and said well do you remember mine. Sure enough she said yeah Patrick. Then Patrick fessed up and told her he had forgot. She laughed a little bit and then said Carlin. She told him if he want to hang out Saturday night they could but she worked till 9 so she would not be home until about 930. Patrick said that sounded great. Soon after Patrick and Carlin were hanging all the time. Going out to movies, out for supper and nice walk around the town. Not even to weeks had gone bye since there first date and these two were now a couple. They clicked right away. Shortly after they had started dating Patrick got to meet her parents. He went to Carlins parents house for supper. Which was a nice farm just outside the city. Meeting the parent for the first time was kind of scary for Patrick but he was more then welling to meet them. When he got there Carlins parents made Patrick feel right at home with a good home cooked meal on the table and a nice cold beverage. Patrick thought he was in heaven. It was not just because of the great meal but he had great conversations with both parents. One day Carlin asked Patrick if he would like to come to a Easter supper . This was a big step for Patrick meeting the relatives but he knew that if they were half as nice as Carlins parent that it would be a great time. As soon as they showed up Patrick was greeted with open arms and again he just felt like another part of the family.

Patrick and Carlins relationship was looking great. He had meet Carlins sister and boyfriend( Rachelle and Josh) which Patrick very quickly became great friends with. These two couple loved to hanging out. They would go to movie, out to the bar or just hang out at home. It didn’t matter what they did it was always a blast.

Patrick and Carlin found themselves in love. They spent most of there time together. Going for walks by the river, play Frisbee in the park. They went on trips to the beach and a fun trip camping. They also made a trip to see Carlins sister who lived in a small town about four hours away.

Patrick found himself in love and knew that this is what was missing from his life and he knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with this girl. Patrick always bought Carlin gifts not because he had to but because he wanted to. Patrick made sure to try and pay for everything they did weather it be going out for supper, renting movies or a even a fun game of mini-golf. He thought that this is the way all girls should be treated, especially Carlin. He made sure we would always open the car door for Carlin. He told her that he loved her and that she was the most beautiful girl in the world at least once everyday and he was never shy to say that around any of there friends. He wanted everyone to know he loved her with all his heart. Just like any other couple Patrick and Carlin had there fights but Patrick always knew to say he was sorry even if he was right. A lot of the time Patrick went and got roses or her favorite flower to show that when he said sorry he meant it.
To Patrick, Carlin was the girl of his dreams and he was lucky enough to find her so soon. He loved his life waking up next to her was a dream come true everyday in itself. Every time she smile it made his heart melt. He looked forward to getting off work and seeing her. Every once in a while when Carlin would go home for the weekend without him, while she was away he would right her a poem and send it to her in an email. Carlin made Patrick’s life complete. She was always there when he needed someone to talk to and if things were ever going bad she was there to insure him it would be ok. Patrick was also always there for Carlin he would listen to every problem she had and was always will to talk about anything, he would be there when she needed rides to work or school. He was even there for the shopping marathons. Patrick was not the biggest shopper but he just loved spend time with her.

One day Patrick and Carlin got into a fight and before Patrick knew it they had broken up. Patrick was so sad that he had just let true love slip right out of his hands. Carlin said she need a chance to be single. To Patrick this was going to be the hardest thing he has ever done. Patrick was not a crier by any means but he found himself crying every time he thought about her and looked at a picture of her. Patrick decided that he was not going to let this true love pass him bye. So he ask Carlin that they start a friendship. Carlin said she needed to take it slow and maybe they could be friends. Patrick knew if he could be a great friend he would never lose that true love and maybe get that love back. In the mean time Patrick found himself sitting in front of a computer writing a story about true love between a couple named ………

What do you think Patrick should do? Go after his true love? Or Let His True Love Go?

* True Love - post break up



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