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      How things Changed, for the Better


It Started off from High School...

The during my finals i never thought of college, I never took it seriously, just because I was afraid of the world, of all the things that i was now going to be forced to find out. So i looked for a job... My very last paper, was my first day at work. I worked for Peanuts for Three months. Before this my mother made me sign this form... for some college i never ever heard of, i though well.. it wont hurt.

So i worked, my life slowly started to fall apart and i was no longer happy.. i missed high school (who doesn't), even though i was fat and ugly and normal... (lost wait near the end). My boyfriend at the time did everything in his power to get me down.. since he came from a loser background and i from a very prominent family. I felt torn... so my boyfriend had nothing going for himself either.

Oh, and now the really good part of the story comes... Wait for it... Wait for it... okay

i finally decided to quite my job. and just as i walked to the boss, my phone rang.. that peace of paper that my mum made me sign in high school.. it was a bursary.. and i was on the list to get it.. i called and called the very next day and guess what i got it.. January 25 the day before my birthday. As it ends up the student that got the bursary turned it down and i was number three on the list, can u believe my luck. My Boyfriend at the time did not really care as it was like "so unimportant" to him... i started college, and it was fantastic

So everyday, i took one bus and two taxis to and from college, a college that i never ever heard of... and one day.. i met this loud mouth, over the top, confident guy, but funny thing was, i was not looking for love.. i definitely did think that i will get any.. we ended up as friends over a period of 6 months, i was the only one that never new that he worshipped the ground i walked on.. he was fantastic, oh the respect he gave me and the way he treated me.. i was never lied to and never lead on by him. and he made my knees go weak... oh soo weak..

I was not about to tel him that, since he never felt the same... 8 months, im almost done studying... he asks my number, but he's phone got stolen, he made a lady pregnant on high school (his girlfriend at the time) the got married and divorced 2 years later - all of these things he told me, but something about him told to wait to give him a chance - so i did. Then

THE BUS BROKE - up the road by my house, the last day we were going to see one another, the bus broke, he walked me to my house and i gave him my number, that night we sat on the phone for 4 hour - it was the ultimate confession...

1 1/2 years later, we getting married... he really was everything i prayed for.. he ended up being all that i wanted and through all our tribulations (and triles) we made it.. things get rough but they soon get better

I always tell him - "in my life i strived to make being happy a normal, u helped me with that"

and now we going to fight the world together


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