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I met somebody, a guy, back in the early sixties and fell in love with him, he was in the military we dated on an off for eight months, and he went back to his own Country, still loving me and I was devastated.

I tried to forget, I married and had a child, but it did not work out. My guy called me to say he was coming back, the he was still carrying the torch, he came back and we had two wonderful weeks together. I was thrilled he asked me to marry him.

I started to save, and time went on and he never contacted me again. I was heartbroken and turned to partying and boozing, and even married again, I had two sons by my husband, but in all this time I never got over the rejection, and to this day still love him.

I even went so far as to track him down, found him, called him, he was divorced, but I was and am still married. He lived only for the bars, and lives alone with nobody. He never claimed he still had feelings for me, but I to this day still love that man after 40 years.

Can anybody beat that?


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